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not sure how many lynyrd skynyrd fans are out there...

so last friday i went to go see lynyrd skynyrd at the houston rodeo. it was amazing.

the funny thing was i had to convince my dad to go with me. my dad is the one who got me into lynyrd skynyrd and other classic rock artists. as soon as i saw the lineup for the rodeo i begged him to go with me. (mostly because none of my friends would appreciate it.) he refused to go because he already saw them in concert and didnt want to ruin his memory "by going to a dumb show where there are only 2 original members anyway."

this made me sad but i was determined. finally i persuaded him at the last minute (we bought semi-good tickets thursday night.) and it was so worth it! it was the best concert of my life.

even though there are only 2 original members (3 if you want to count ronnie) it was still awesome. johnny vanzant sounds just like his brother. it was amazing. and gary rossington is still a guitar God. wow. it was just awesome. they closed with free bird and both daddy and i were standing up the entire song! it was so cool. everyone had lighters i felt left out. so daddy got his phone out instead. its just not the same. but it was definately funny. im so glad i dragged daddy to that concert. during the concert he leaned over and said "o man if they dont do free bird theres gonna be a riot" cuz everyone was screaming "FREE BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hahahah

they didnt play that smell. but its ok. they made up for it when they played free bird. it was amazing. daddy and i were standing up the entire time.

the cool thing is that when they played free bird they had a screen and they played footage from them playing free bird at earlier concerts. it was so cool. cuz you got to see "now and then" pics.

it was an awesome concert.
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